Campo Quadro Car Park

The "CAMPO QUADRO" car park with 800 available spaces is available to all tourists and residents, under video surveillance and served by a shuttle bus on call from 7:30 to 24:00.

Automated entry with automatic Telepass system electronic card. The card must be kept visible in the car.

Campo Quadro parking rates

  • Hourly rate: € 2,00 up to a maximum of 6 hours, then start the daily price.
  • Daily price: € 12,00 referring to parking longer than 6 hours
  • Weekly price: € 70,00
  • Fortnightly price: € 130,00
  • Monthly price: € 230,00
  • Seasonal price: € 320,00 + € 10,00 per electronic card + VAT

Shuttle service costs on call:

The driver driving the car in possession of the card has free transfer , for the other passengers it is paid:

  • € 1.00 per transfer, per person.
  • € 1.00 per transfer, per suitcase.

On the shuttles:

  • The transport of children is permitted only if the customer has a suitable child seat.
  • The transport of animals is not permitted.
  • No smoking.
  • The customer must show the card before boarding.

How to enter the parking

If you don't have a magnetic card

  • Customers who do not have a magnetic card must press the green button to take the ticket.

If you have a magnetic card

  • Customers who have a magnetic card must bring it close to the post and wait for the barrier to rise. They must not take the ticket otherwise they will have to pay at the exit.


Reservation CenterGruppo Albegatori Multiservizi

Gabicce Mare Turismo

Park Booking

For reservations or for more information contact our reservation center!

Useful Numbers

  • 1st shuttle bus
    +39 349 4619066
  • 2nd shuttle bus
    +39 349 4619067
  • 3rd shuttle bus
    +39 334 6411508
  • Electric shuttle to the beach
    +39 334 2105769
  • Guardian
    +39 331 4714264