Gabicce Mare

Gabicce Mare

A charming Riviera resort in the northern Marches, Gabicce Mare is a beautiful seaside holiday location for families and sports enthusiasts alike, beloved because of the friendliness of its hotels, residences and bed & breakfasts.

In Gabicce Mare guests enjoy a fascinating panorama: a broad range of hotels and residences and well-equipped beach resorts are located directly on the sea, while the upper part of town offers breathtaking views over the green hills of the long coastline – especially beautiful at sunset! In the Gabicce Monte part of town there are elite hotels, too, guest houses and nice typical restaurants where you can spend a quiet summer evening with really exclusive vistas.

Beaches with extra fine sand, hotels right on the sea shore, an ideal climate for holidays under the sun, the heartily welcome and the openness of its residents are the trump cards Gabicce Mare has to offer.

The name Gabicce Mare stands for hospitality and cordiality, where guests will experience a holiday full of emotions. The location is enviable, in a small bay, which extends to the far Adriatic Sea, with clean waters, with beach resorts equipped with umbrellas beach beds, games, parties and entertainment from dawn until sunset.

The park’s green mingles with the blue sea, with a stunning panorama of Gabicce Monte: a picture postcard to admire. The “Monte” – the mountain – provides Gabicce with fresh, healthy air, which is even recommended by doctors for families with very young children.

The cliffs rise steeply directly from the beach, an unusual sight for the otherwise flat and sandy coast of the Marches region!
The greens of the slopes and the yellow broom bushes blooming directly above the water make the beaches at the foot of the natural park of Monte San Bartolo even more fascinating. This area is under nature conservation and protection. It offers unexpected natural wonders: photo enthusiasts can capture the beauty of the blooming weaver’s broom, of the vast reed meadows, the Aleppo pines and the rare beach flaxes. Of course, there is no shortage of wildlife: it can be spotted by the discerning tourist: deer, foxes, badgers, porcupines, birds of prey and seabirds.

Since 1992 Gabicce Mare is the favorite destination of the classic MG car brand. Since then these wonderful old ladies meet here every two years with 200 driving teams to participate in the event MG BY THE SEA.

And since 1980 Gabicce Mare is the center of Bicycle Tourism – From April to October, cyclists spend their holidays in Gabicce, from where they explore the surroundings of the province of Pesaro on daily bike tours. Our area offers an infinite number of culinary delights and the tastiest dishes are very popular among the athletes and their families. Like all of our guests, they appreciate most of all the marvelous fish that is prepared with genuine flavors.

As for the sport, there is an excellent sports ground in Gabicce Mare with regular football pitches, which are at the disposal of al ball enthusiasts. The sports field is an ideal location not only for sport events, but also for concerts and shows, and for good entertainment in general, appreciated by many event organizers.

And there is much more in Gabicce Mare worth to be discovered!