Mondaino is located 30 km from Gabicce Mare and gives us a unique journey between culture and art, between flavors and aromas and ancient traditions and many smiles collected among the locals who welcome warmly and tell their land with love and passion.

Mondaino is a village with fewer than 1,500 inhabitants, on the border between Marche and Romagna, once the scene of battles and clashes, protected by the fortified walls and the fortress overlooking the town.

The history of this village is not only the medieval one and its origins go far back in time, intertwining with myth and legend.

Legend linked to Diana, Goddess of hunting, of the moonlight and of chastity, which seems to have been venerated in these hills. The name of the place, which has evolved over the centuries (Mons Damarum-Monte Daino-Mondaino), probably refers to the fallow deer, once present, in large quantities in the local woods.

To visit: The Malatesta Fortress – The Paleontological Museum – The Portaia Tower – The Mosaic Workshop – The Majolica Museum – The 6 Churches – The Porta di Sotto Mill – The Dimora L’Alboreto Theater – An event not to be missed in August, The Palio of the Daino