Cradle of history, art, culture, music and nature. Such is the essence, the soul and the life of Fossombrone.

The small ancient city, founded by the Romans, lies on a slope overlooked by the Citadel and by the remains of the Fifteenth-Century Rocca Malatestiana (Malatestian fortress).

It is a gentle place, where renaissance aspects are deeply intertwined with the ancient Roman inheritance.

Here the natural charms of untouched Mother Earth are joined by the fascination of Baroque art and of the long porticoed central street with its Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century buildings which confer elegance to it. It is a city whose nature was shaped by the expert hands of goldsmiths, by the flavour and perfumes of tradition, by the inebriating vineyards which surround it; a city dedicated to the harmony of ancient musical notes, where the past comes back to life when the historical re-enactments immerge the visitor into ancient renaissance atmospheres.

We are welcomed by the Occhio di Fossombrone (the eye of Fossombrone), the Bridge of Concord, which offers a unique, unreal optical effect, when its round curve is reflected in the waters of the Metauro River.