The treasures and colours of Valmarecchia

Difficult tour. The route runs through the Upper Marecchia Valley, through the most beautiful of landscape, stretching from the mountains and Monte Carpegna to the sea. Considering the steep hills and the quality of the road surface along some stretches, it is advisable to use a cycle fitted with low ratio gears (13-28) and wheels capable of withstanding potholes and gravel. The route has already been travelled and successfully tested with racing bikes.


How to reach Novafeltria:
From the Coast: Autostrada A14, exit Rimini Nord or Sud • Follow signs to Montefeltro • S.p. 258
From Inland: Superstrada E45 • S.p. 258

Start:    The Tour starts in the lively Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Novafeltria. The main square is in fact an excellent starting point for the tour. In the centre of the town, there is a bar, a fountain and plenty of parking space.
km. 0      [⬆️ 272] Zero the milometer and cycle don via Garibaldi. After 200 m, there are some traffic lights,
go straight on up the hill towards Talamello. Proceed with care as your legs will still be cold!
km. 2,1  The Piazza (main square) in Talamello [⬆️ 374]: on leaving Talamello, turn left towards Perticara.
km. 3,6  At the stop sign, turn right towards Perticara (S.p.8). The road starts to climb!
km. 7,7  At the top of the climb [⬆️ 661], turn right at the crossroads for a short visit to Perticara.
km. 8      The Piazza (main square) in Perticara. After refreshments near the fountain, turn back along the same road.
km. 10,4 At the stop sign, turn right back on the S.p.8 towards S. Agata Feltria.
km. 14,1 Poggiorimini, top of the hill [⬆️ 803], take care on the downhill!
km. 16,9 Hamlet of Sant’Agata Feltria. After 300 m, take maximum care! Turn right for the centre (white “centro” sign)
and in the main square for a rest (Km 17.4). From the square, turn back along the same road and turn right at the first stop sign. Cross the square and go straight on at the stop sign, uphill towards Pennabilli. Try staying on the saddle on this hill!
km. 19,3 At the junction, turn left towards Monte Benedetto, Petrella Guidi [⬆️741].
km. 20    The Monte Benedetto sign indicates the end of the second climb [⬆️789]. Warning, uneven road!
km. 23,4 Petrella Guidi! [⬆️562].
km. 27,5 At the stop sign after the bridge, turn right towards Sansepolcro. You are now on the S.p.258.
km. 28,4 At Ponte Messa, turn left before the bridge towards Pennabilli [⬆️375].
km. 30,5 Sign indicating Pennabilli.
km. 31,3 Turn right towards the town centre “Centro”. Stop for a rest in the square. From the square, walk the bike down via Roma (left of the church). At the next junction, back in the saddle and turn right uphill towards Cantoniera.
km. 32,5 Turn left towards Scavolino [⬆️617].
km. 35,6 Sign indicating Scavolino, and a little after, the square (Km 36). Then after 100 m., turn left towards Soanne.
km. 38,3 At the stop sign, turn right and up the hill (junction with no directions).
km. 39,3 Sign indicating Soanne. Continue along the main road. Once in the square, turn right and up the hill.
km. 44,8 At the top of the hill, continue along the main road. The road runs downhill for 1 km.
km. 45,8 At the stop sign, turn left towards Madonna di Pugliano. You are now climbing the last hill.
km. 46,6 At the top of the hill you are now at “Serra San Marco” [⬆️1006]. Enjoy the view.
km. 49,3 Madonna di Pugliano (white sign).
km. 50,2 Turn right at the junction towards San Leo, still going downhill.
km. 53,7 Sign indicating San Leo. The visit to San Leo is not described in this Tour. Whoever wants to visit the town should do so from here, distance 3 km with 100 m climb. At the junction, turn right and immediately left towards Sant’Igne, Novafeltria.
km. 58,9 After the village of Piega, take care! Turn left, sign indicating Boscara on the left. After 100 m turn right towards Maioletto.
Warning, uneven road.
km. 63,3 At the stop sign, turn right towards Novafeltria. After crossing the river, turn right onto the cycle path running alongside the river Marecchia.
km. 64,5 At the end of the cycle path, turn left up the hill. After 500 m, at the stop sign, turn left and then into the square (Km 65.1).
This is the end of tour.

tourist informations

Pennabilli ⬆️630 ➡️81
The town lies at the foot of monte Carpegna and was founded in 1350 following the merging of the fortified hamlets of Penna and Billi. On entering the old centre, it is possible to admire the old gate “Porta Malatesta” (XIII century), Palazzo del Bargello (XIV century), Porta Carboni (XIV century), Porta di Borgo S.Rocco and the churchsanctuary of S. Agostino (or Madonna delle Grazie). In the main square stands the late renaissance Cathedral, the Palazzo Mediceo della Ragione and the Loggia dei Mercanti. Worthy of a visit are the Museo Diocesano, Museo di Informatica e Storia del Calcolo (Computer and Computing History Museum), Museo Mariano and Teatro “Vittoria” with its gracious tiers of box arrangement. The prestigious national Antiques Fair is held here every year in July.
Information: Tourist Office, tel. 0541 928659.

Novafeltria ⬆️293 ➡️70
The town stands at the centre of the middle Marecchia river valley, and was once the site of a market place for the inhabitants of the surrounding hills, and as such was called Mercatino Marecchia up until 1941. The more important monuments overlook the main square: the seventeenth century Palazzo Municipale and the fourteenth century church of S. Marina. Other sites of interest include: the neo-Romanesque parish church of S. Martino, housing a XIV century wooden crucifix, and the Teatro Comunale (ex Teatro Sociale) with its elegant liberty style open galleries (1925). The nearby Perticara, once a flourishing sulphur mining centre, is home to the historic mining museum displaying various finds, tools and historic documents.
Information: Town Hall – Information Office, tel. 0541 920442.

Sant’Agata Feltria ⬆️607 ➡️82
For several centuries, the picturesque “Rocca” has dominated the skyline. The castle was restored in 1474 by Francesco di Giorgio Martini for the aristocrat Agostino Fregoso. At the entrance to the town stands the Convent of S. Girolamo and the Collegiate of S. Agata, rich in precious canvases and sculptures. The large seventeenth century “Palazzone”, today the local government offices, houses the “Angelo Mariani” theatre, built entirely in wood with its elegant tiers of box arrangement. An important annual event is the Precious White Truffle Fair, and other products from the land, woodland and pastures held from the second Sunday in October until the first Sunday in November.
The remains of an ancient military settlement dating back to the XIII century can still be seen in the picturesque hamlet of Petrella Guidi.
Information: Tourist Office, tel. 0541 848022.

Talamello ⬆️386 ➡️73
The name derives from Thalamos (caves, dwellings). In the main square stands the seventeenth century parish church of S. Lorenzo, housing a precious fourteenth century cross. Of notable artistic interest is the rather particular cemetery “cell” decorated with frescoes by Antonio Alberti da Ferrara (1427). One of the gastronomic specialities of Talamello is the famous “formaggio di fossa” or “Ambra di Talamello”, a local caciotta cheese cured in pits dug out of the sandstone.
Information: Town Hall, tel. 0541 920036.