Gabicce Mare Tennis Club Sports Center

A unique place where you can practice outdoor sports with a breathtaking view on the balcony of the Adriatic!

Equipped with 3 tennis courts (2 completely new red clay, 1 synthetic grass)

2 soccer fields with synthetic grass

Large changing rooms, private car park.

  • The structure offers individual lessons and personalized technical advice for players and agonists.
  • “Minitennis” courses for children from 5 to 9 years old
  • Tennis introductory courses for children aged 10 to 16
  • Youth Trainings for boys who want to deepen the technique and tactics of Tennis
  • Individual trainings for those who want to do individual lessons
  • Possibility to play with local and equal partners

The professionalism of Franco Valentini with many years of experience and the ability of the federal tennis master Umberto Vannucci will be the added value for this sports facility which will once again be a meeting place for tennis and sports enthusiasts.

Via Panoramica - Gabicce Mare
 for information and reservations:
 FRANCO VALENTINI - + 39 3313227856 - +39 3313227882
 federal teacher UMBERTO VANNUCCI - +39 3335246077

Open from Easter