A submerged sea of life in Gabicce Mare

Admire our seabed!
It can be an experience that will give you unique emotions and that is cheap. We give you some tips on how to practice snorkeling safely.

Thanks to its simplicity, snorkeling is one of the most popular and practiced water sports. This activity is practiced by swimming face down on the water, breathing with a snorkel, to admire the seabed and life underwater through a mask that protects the eyes.

Small precautions are enough to safely practice this simple and inexpensive activity. To start practicing it, you will find below what equipment you need, then we will give you some useful tips for snorkelingsafely!

Equipment needed:
minimum needed

  • Mask
  • Mouthpiece
  • Fins

Based on the duration and period in which the activity will be practiced, it is advisable to add:

  • Mute
  • Flotation vest
  • Marking buoy

Let’s choose the right mask!
To snorkel it is very important to have a good mask. So take your time when you go shopping. Better the mask of the goggles, indeed take a snorkeling mask that also covers the nose. Make sure that it fits your face perfectly, because snorkeling time will surely pass without you noticing and you will be in the water for hours.
Remember to wash it well the first time because the new ones have a chemical protective layer that must be removed!

Mouthpiece with valve or without?
To practice snorkeling without discomfort, the choice of snorkel is also important. It should be sized for your mouth and head size. You will need to consider whether to buy a snorkel with a purge valve or without. the snorkel with the valve is generally used by professionals, but it is really a matter of habit and how one feels better. In practice, some mouthpieces have a valve that allows the water that has entered the snorkel to be expelled from a front valve, instead of from the mouthpiece itself. The valve requires a greater lung capacity and it takes a little practice at the beginning to expel the water.

Fins, wetsuit, vest and buoy for snorkeling:
If the fins do not require particular attention in the purchase (as long as they are the right size), a careful evaluation must be made for the suit and the buoyancy vest. Even if you can swim well, spending hours in the water can be tiring. It is essential for those who snorkel to have a buoyancy vest because it helps a lot to maintain strength and now they are really not bulky.

The same reasoning concerns the diving suit to use for snorkeling. As we said before, snorkeling you will spend hours in the sea: your body disperses heat in the water and at the same time the sun’s rays can burn you. Additionally, you may have unpleasant contact with jellyfish or other fish that can cause stinging reactions. Therefore, the purchase or even the simple rental of a wetsuit must be considered.

Finally, the buoy is essential: it serves to signal to the boats that there is a person diving.

Our tips on how to snorkel safely:
When snorkeling, you are an observer of the sea and its seabed.
Since snorkeling is observation of the seabed and not spearfishing, do not carry fishing gear that would only be bulky. It is good to avoid touching fish, seabed and corals, because you could damage the marine environment, but also get in touch with stinging organisms or to which you may be allergic.

Do you know a local expert guide? Trust him! It is not just about helping you in terms of safety, but you will see that a guide will also be able to advise you on where to snorkel and at what times of the day, to be able to meet certain fish or to admire the seabed in the right sunlight. In this regard, if you go to the “club of sailors” on the port of Gabicce Mare near the large lighthouse, you will surely find some old sea wolf retired or not, who can give you some advice!

Finally, don’t forget that by spending a lot of time admiring the seabed, you won’t always be attentive to what’s happening around you, above the surface. So, if you have company on the beach, tell him where you will go snorkeling and what time you plan to return, he will be able to monitor your safety even from under the umbrella!

N.W. A dutiful thanks to Leonardi Maurizio who is the author of the beautiful shots