A Dynasty of Trade

Tenuta del Monsignore has its business center in San Giovanni in Marignano in the province of Rimini, on a gentle hill overlooking the sea. It covers an area of about 135 hectares, of which about 85 are vineyards and 13 are olive groves. The wines and extra virgin olive oil derive exclusively from grapes and olives of our production. The cellar is adjacent to the main house which still incorporates the remains of the old cellar from the first half of the 1800s. The current structure is an example of a combination of tradition and advanced technology.

Modern vacuum presses beautifully emulate the softness of our grandparents' feet, while rigorous control of the temperature of the wine in all its phases is fundamental for us in order to obtain product quality. All processes are followed with great care by us.

The characteristics of the land, the position, the exposure, the microclimate, combined with our centuries-old experience, have favored the birth of high quality wines, deriving from the choice of limiting the quantity of grapes per vine, as well as from the type of " free cordon ”, which does not force the shoots to be tied on the threads. The sun and air, in this way, easily penetrate inside the vegetation, favoring optimal ripening.

Over 15 hectares of land are cultivated by us with olive groves, obtaining a production of high quality extra virgin olive oil with the traditional method of cold pressing, with stone millstones. Our fields also host beehives from which we obtain natural and genuine honey.

At our facility it is possible to taste all our products and, for those who wish, buy them directly.


DEPARTURE from Palazzo del Turismo
61011 Gabicce Mare PU

Continue in the direction of Viale della Vittoria
2 min (700 m)

⬆️ Proceed south from Viale della Vittoria towards Via Giuseppe Verdi
350 m

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on Viale della Vittoria
350 m

Take Provincial Road 47 and Via Gambadoro towards Via Pietrafitta in Santa Maria In Pietrafitta
8 min (5.1 km)

⬆️At the roundabout, go straight to stay on Viale della Vittoria
Go through 2 roundabouts
800 m

➡️Turn right and take Provincial Road 47
Go through the roundabout
1.3 km

➡️At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and take Via S. Giovanni Marignano
1.0 km

↖️Via S. Giovanni Marignano turns slightly left and becomes Via Gambadoro
1.9 km

⬆️Continue on Via Pietrafitta. Drive in the direction of Via Patarino
2 min (800 m)

At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and take Via Pietrafitta
500 m

⬆️Continue on Via Patarino
➡️Your destination is on the right
290 m

Tenuta del Monsignore F.lli Bacchini
Via Patarino, 154,
(Loc. Santa Maria Pietrafitta)
47842 San Giovanni In Marignano RN