The proposed itinerary leads the cyclist through the heart of the natural park of Sasso Simone e Simoncello, through an enchanting and quiet countryside. The main characteristic of the tour is the unique landscape with its two giant rocks or “Sassi”. A difficult itinerary which climbs up to 1000 metres.


How to reach Sassocorvaro:
From the Coast: Autostrada A14, Pesaro Exit • follow road signs for Urbino (S.P. 423) • Ca Gallo • Mercatale
From Inland: S.S. 73 bis to Sant'Angelo in Vado • Piandimeleto • Mercatale

Start: Sassocorvaro: the start point is in Piazza Garibaldi. The piazza is in front of the castle “Rocca Ubaldinesca”, which also provides a good reference point. Here, we are in the old centre, which is well equipped with all the amenities for touring cyclists.
Km. 0      From the piazza, take via S.Francesco [⬆️330] passing alongside the town hall. 50 m from the start, turn right at the stop sign.
The road goes down towards Mercatale [⬆️203].
Km. 1,2   Mercatale. After 600 m., turn left at the roundabout towards Carpegna, Belforte all'Isauro.
Km. 3,4   At the junction, follow the signs for Piandimeleto, Lunano.
Km. 9,1   Continue on towards Lunano, Belforte all'Isauro. Lunano is reached after 100 m.
Km. 10,3 At the fork, (signpost right for Lunano and left for Urbania) go straight on.
Km. 11,3 At the junction, turn right towards Carpegna, Frontino. At the next junction, immediately after the first one, turn right again towards Carpegna, Frontino.
Km. 11,4 At the stop sign, turn right. Continue down towards Carpegna. The road is more or less flat for a few km, after which it starts to climb up to Carpegna.
Km. 17,8 Continue towards Carpegna.
Km. 18,3 The road enters the “Parco del Sasso Simone e Simoncello”.
Km. 22,4 At the junction, turn left towards Carpegna.
Km. 22,5 Carpegna [⬆️709]. At the junction, continue straight-on towards “Passo Cantoniera”. To visit the old centre of Carpegna, turn right.
Km. 24,1 At the junction, follow the signs for Pennabilli. 500 m. further on, follow the signs for Passo della Cantoniera.
Km. 28,2 Passo della Cantoniera is at the top of the hill [ 1007 m]. At the pass, there is a road junction: turn left for Valpiano, Miratoio, Sestino. Sasso Simone is on the left.
Km. 33,5 At the stop sign, turn left towards Sestino, Miratoio.
Km. 38    Road junction with no signposts: turn left. After the junction the road arrives at Miratoio [⬆️835].
Km. 40,5 Val di Ceci di Sopra. Once through the village, the roads starts a long uphill climb, approximately 3 km. Once through the pass [⬆️949] the road goes downhill again. Take maximum care! The road is narrow with dangerous bends and steel slopes.
Km. 48,5 The stop sign signals the bottom of the hill. Turn left for Sestino, Pesaro. The hamlet of Sestino starts after 700 m.
Km. 50,1 Continue towards Pesaro, Monterone. Follow the signs for Pesaro for the next few km.
Km. 54,6 Monterone [⬆️ 428]. Belforte all'Isauro is reached after 2.2 km.
Km. 59,4 Piandimeleto [⬆️319]. 50 m after the traffic lights, follow the signs for San Angelo in Vado. 1.4 km further on, follow the signs for Carpegna, Mercatale.
Km. 61,3 Continue towards Lunano. Lunano is reached after 1.3 km.
Km. 62,9 At the junction, follow the signs for Mercatale, Lunano.
Km. 70,8 Mercatale. Follow the signs for Pesaro. 600 m. further on, follow the signs for Sassocorvaro.
Km. 72,2 At the junction, turn right towards Sassocorvaro. Sassocorvaro is reached after 1.5 km.
Km. 74    The road arrives at Piazza Garibaldi.

tourist information

Sassocorvaro ⬆️330 ➡️60
From its hilltop position, the town dominates the Foglia Valley and is reflected in the waters of the artificial lake of Mercatale. The town extends along the side of the hill from where it is possible to admire the splendid panorama of Montefeltro. Of notable interest is the XV Century “Rocca Ubaldinesca” designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.
The interior of the castle houses a perfectly preserved small theatre and an art gallery. The castle was used during the Second World War as a secret storage place for the more important Italian works of art, hidden there to prevent them from being plundered by the retreating Germans. For a number of years now, this event has been remembered through an initiative called "L'Arca dell'Arte", which honours the modern-day saviours of major works that would otherwise have been lost forever. Worthy of note is the XVIII Century Palazzo Battelli.
Information: Town Hall, tel. 0722 76133; Tourist Office, tel. 0722 76873; Rocca Ubaldinesca, tel. 0722 76177.

Parco Regionale del Sasso Simone e Simoncello
This Natural Park was founded in 1994 by a regional law and covers a total area of 4,847 hectares. The “Communes” that make up the park are: Carpegna, Pennabilli, Frontino, Piandimeleto, Montecopiolo and Pietrarubbia. The park has numerous parking areas from where it is possible to visit the protected areas. The Nature Museum is also open to the public and has an annexed Visitor's Centre for schools and nature lovers. The two “rocks”, Simone (W 1204) and Simoncello (⬆️ 1221) are the main feature of the park with their immense square forms. The park is also home to numerous species of wild animals and birds, such as foxes, hares, roe and fallow deer, wild boar, peregrine falcons and the Apennine wolf. 
Information: Park Authority, tel. 0722 770073; Park Visitor's Centre, tel. 0722 75350.

Carpegna W751 R65
Carpegna is a well-known mountain locality on the slopes of the mountain of the same name. The numerous footpaths make the area the ideal place for walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders. At the entre of the village stands the admirable Princes' Palace, (Palazzo dei Principi) built in 1675 for Cardinal Gaspare di Carpegna. Among the religious buildings, the church of San Sisto with its splendid Romanesque crypt is also worthy of note. Carpegna is also a wellknown summer and winter tourist resort. 
Information: Comunità Montana del Montefeltro, tel. 0722 770073.

Belforte all'Isauro ⬆️344 ➡️60
This fortified hamlet is located in the upper Foglia valley on the border with Tuscany and stands on a rocky outcrop between the banks of the Isauro and Fossato rivers. At the entrance to the hamlet stands the parish church of S.Lorenzo which houses a painting by the Barrocci school and a crucifix which is said to be miraculous. The ancient threestorey castle is also rather interesting. 
Information: Town Hall, tel. 0722 721101.