A land blessed by the gods, where Nature still determines the rhythm of life, and the farming way
of life reigns undisputed, enriched with harmony and enthusiasm: In such a land lies Sant’Angelo in Vado, a romantic, ancient small city, capable of satisfying the inner wishes of those who walk along its centuries-old alleys and breath an air rich with history, culture, art and the perfume of delicious products of the earth. Here, by the high valley of the Metauro river, in the middle of a bucolic landscape, time appears to have stopped; and visiting the old town centre, rich with buildings which mark the passage of the ages, unique archaeological and artistic wonders can be found; wonders surrounded by an uncontaminated Nature, by the typical perfumes of His Majesty the fine White Truffle, and by the inebriating and original flavours of the Santangiolino wine or of the only smoked Vin Santo (literally: Holy Wine) in the world, produced right here, in Sant’Angelo in Vado.