On January 1 2017 a new municipality, Terre Roveresche, was born: the municipalities of Barchi, Orciano di Pesaro, Piagge and San Giorgio di Pesaro became one and, though still keeping each its own history and culture, now share resources and energy along with all that bonds them to each other. Terre Roveresche are a place where tradition lives and is promoted as a fundamental patrimony by those who live there. Whether by the ancient crafts - both the ones still practiced and those told about
in museums - or by the typical products of the territory, the wines and the recipes that richly dress up the table, this place
lives both in and out of time. In Terre Roveresche ancient castles rise on the top of hills designing the profile of the landscape and hide in their narrow alleys little and incredibly unique jewels by an inestimable historical and artistic value.