Midway between the shores of the Adriatic Sea and the peaks of the Furlo Canyon there is a microcosm consisting of castles and hamlets surrounded by walls, of noble palaces and villas, of monasteries and little churches, clay hills, wild woods and richly cultivated farmland, which produce enogastronomic excellencies.
It is the territory of the Colli al Metauro municipality, born in 2017 from the union of Saltara, Serrungarina and Montemaggiore al Metauro, crossed by the waters of its great protagonist, the Metauro river, the longest in Marche: a glorious child of the Appenine mountains, as Torquato Tasso called it. Its crystal waters flow down in the valley under the soft hills on whose tops raise small hamlets. Always a strategic transit point, along which run both the the river and path of the ancient Via Flaminia, a Roman road built in 220 b.C. by Gaius Flaminius Nepote, which for centuries was the only link between Rome and Northern Italy. The presence of these fundamental threads gave Colli al Metauro a story rich with important events which intertwined, without ever breaking them, with the humble rural habits of its population, who keep protecting and loving this land, working its farmland and respecting its historical monuments, with the
cheerful but solid calm of people tied to their land by strong roots.