Gabicce Mare, a very nice town on the Riviera in the north of the Marche, is one of the most characteristic seaside resorts, famous for family and sports tourism and for the hospitality in its hotels, residences and bed and breakfasts.

Gabicce Mare offers a truly suggestive view of the landscape: in the area directly on the sea, the tourist finds hotels and equipped bathing establishments, while in the hilly part of Gabicce there is a panoramic glimpse surrounded by greenery, from which you can observe the whole coast, wonderful at sunset!
Also in Gabicce Monte there are elite hotels and typical bed and breakfasts and restaurants where you can spend peaceful summer evenings, enjoying an exclusive panorama.

The beach of fine sand, the hotels by the sea, the ideal climate for a holiday in the sun, the welcome and the kindness of the villagers characterize Gabicce Mare.
Gabicce Mare is synonymous with hospitality and friendliness, in this place guests experience a holiday full of emotions.
The location is enviable, a small gulf overlooking the Adriatic, with clean sea, equipped beaches - umbrellas and camp beds - games, parties and entertainment from sunrise to sunset.

From the greenery of the park you go directly to the blue of the sea; you thus have a suggestive panoramic view from Gabicce Monte: a unique postcard to admire. The influence of Mount Gabicce gives well-being and healthy air recommended by family doctors to parents with young children.
The cliff emerges from the beach, an unusual seascape for the sandy coast of the Marche region.
The colors of the cliff and the gorse, right next to the water, make the beaches located at the foot of the Monte San Bartolo park even more suggestive. This protected area offers unprecedented natural scenarios. Photography enthusiasts can easily grasp the flowering of the gorse, the expanses of Pliny straws, the Aleppo pine and the rare maritime linen, not to mention the fauna, which the tourist is lucky enough to glimpse: roe deer, foxes, badgers, porcupines, sea birds and birds of prey.

Gabicce Mare is also the city of cycling tourism since 1980 - and since 1992 it has been the favorite city of historic MG cars, so much so that every two years the legendary "ladies" gather in Gabicce Mare, 200 crews, to participate in the MG BY THE SEA event.

From April to October, the cycle-tourists choose to spend their holidays in Gabicce Mare, where day after day they discover, in the saddle of their bicycle, the Pesaro hinterland.
Many food and wine delicacies are typical of our land, the tastiest dishes are particularly appreciated and sought after by sportsmen, but also by their families, while the excellent fish cooked with the most genuine flavors is the favorite dish by all tourists.
Speaking of sports, an excellent sports facility with regular football fields is available to football fans.
The sports fields of Gabicce Mare represent the ideal location for events not only related to sport, but to music, to great shows, in short, to the fun most sought after by event organizers.
These are just a few hints of the beauty of Gabicce Mare, all to be discovered!

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Thu 21 Jan 2021
After so many months of restrictions, give yourself a short period immersed in the greenery of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park!

A spring weekend to immerse yourself in an oasis of green, yellow and blue!

GREEN - our hill starts from the middle of the beach of Gabicce Mare and the green extends to the beach of Pesaro, where you can breathe the brackish air of the Adriatic while it merges with the scent of the grass. A walk, among the paths where you can admire the breathtaking views that the whole Riviera envies us.

YELLOW - ours is the "Collina delle Ginestre" in the month of May the flowering begins which will give the hill a particular color between yellow and green and the scent of broom will surround the whole territory!

BLUE - is the predominant color of the sea that will merge on the horizon with the blue of the sky. Gabicce Mare will be able to give you a myriad of colors from sunrise over the sea to sunset on the Adriatic Riviera.

What are you waiting for? pack your hiking shoes and t-shirt and leave for the natural oasis of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park!

... and if you are a bike and mountain bike lover you will be in the right place to have a lot of fun!

Sat 03 Apr 2021

The International Cycling Tourism Week Summer 2021 will be a good opportunity to experience exciting adventures by bicycle.

SUMMER Week from 5 to 12 June - AUTUMN Week from 11 to 17 September
Seven days - every morning a start for discovering trip of the most beautiful spots in the Marches region; seven wonderful tours planned for the participants: the distances are between 80 and 120 km, with breaks for refreshments, to taste many culinary treasures (piadina, DOP ham and salami, homemade cakes by the villagers and wine at will).

"A spurt between Marche and Romagna" 

In order to enjoy our territory on the bike, we have modified the historical event by accentuating the "Tourist" character. The departure will be in the French way, therefore free departure and you will follow the route of the day each at the pace that you deem best. You participate in total autonomy along the routes of the stage, at your preferred speed and pace, following the arrows in the color of the day. The roads are obviously open to traffic and the highway code is in force.

"Create your Rainbow Cycling Week"
from 1 April (..and this is no joke) all the routes of the Rainbow Cycle Tourism Week will be "darts" as scheduled and therefore you will be able to participate in the Contest independently at any time of the season, even outside the programmed Weeks or with your group of friends.

Sat 03 Apr 2021
Le Settimane Cicloturistiche Internazionali Estate 2021, saranno una bella occasione per vivere entusiasmanti avventure in bicicletta.

Settimana ESTATE dal 5 al 12 Giugno - Settimana AUTUNNO dal 11 al 17 Settembre
Sette giorni, tutte le mattine, alla scoperta del magnifico entroterra marchigiano e delle sue bellezze, sette le meravigliose uscite fuori porta che sono state programmate per i partecipanti: si percorreranno dagli 80 ai 120 km, dove sarà possibile gustare i tanti prodotti tipici dell'entroterra.

Una volata sulle colline marchigiane

Per poter godere del nostro territorio in sella alla bici, abbiamo modificato la manifestazione storica accentuando il carattere "Cicloturistico". La partenza sarà alla francese quindi partenza libera e si percorre il percorso di giornata ognuno al ritmo che ritiene più giusto. Si partecipa in totale autonomia percorrendo i percorsi di Tappa, alla velocità e ritmo preferito, seguendo le frecce del colore del giorno. Le strade sono ovviamente, aperte al traffico e vige il codice della strada. 

"Crea la tua Settimana Cicloturistica Arcobaleno"
dal 1° aprile (..e non è uno scherzo) tutti i percorsi della Settimana Cicloturistica Arcobaleno, saranno "frecciati" come da programma e quindi potrai in un qualsiasi momento della stagione, anche fuori dalle Settimane programmate, partecipare al Contest in maniera autonoma o con il tuo gruppo di amici.

Mon 24 May 2021
To all dear friends of Fabio,
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that, by the desire of the sisters Laura and Daniela Filippello, the city of Gabicce Mare organizes the meeting "Fabio Filippello ... at MG, his land of conquest" in his honor every two years.

We are still waiting to know when our traditional MG meeting will take place.

We hope that this health emergency will allow us to organize the gathering as soon as possible, perhaps planning the postponement from 6 to 12 September 2021.

If, on the other hand, it is possible to organize for the already scheduled date - from May 24th to 30th, it will be our pleasure, within the month of March, to send all participants the information for pre-booking.

The 2021 program will be full of events: parties, skill competitions and the traditional gala dinner, which will also be attended by the sisters Laura and Daniela. The evening will be an opportunity to remember the most salient and exciting moments of the past.

The traffic police will be, as usual, at the head of the meeting, whose role is and has been fundamental in all these years, the photos depicting Fabio "escorted"

It will be an opportunity to remember the most beautiful years of the dear friend, spent by the sea, in the hills of the Marche-Romagna hinterland, accompanied by music, good wine and typical local gastronomic products.

An affectionate greeting from Laura & Daniela Filippello, Angelo Serra, Letizia Vincenzetti