In the northernmost area of the Adriatic coast, on the border with Emilia Romagna, we find an enchanting village located in the midst of the wonders of nature: the town of Gabicce Monte.
It stands on a promontory close to the small bay of Gabicce Mare, in the last stretch of the Gulf of Rimini, from which it is possible to have a very wide view: the cities of Cesenatico, Rimini with its majestic skyscraper, Porto Verde as well as the sweets hills of the Marche hinterland.
Thanks to this naturalistic heritage, Gabicce Monte is the only place to combine sea, hill and natural park, with the result of a surprisingly varied landscape and a unique atmosphere.

The town is suggestive, on the roads of the small village you can meet sports enthusiasts of cycling, and trekking who want to experience the excitement in the Monte San Bartolo Park.
Gabicce Monte is a town on a human scale, where you can easily move on foot, taking relaxing walks, away from traffic and chaos.

For this reason it is a popular destination for families with children, as well as couples looking for romantic views.
From Gabicce Monte you can walk for example the "Sentiero del Coppo" completely immersed in nature, through which you get directly to the marine area and halfway along the way you meet an ancient source, "the Fonte del Coppo", from which flows a water with excellent beneficial and healing properties.

The location has a historical as well as geographical importance. The origin dates back to a community that in 909 lived around the Church of S. Ermete, which is still located today at the entrance of the town.

Inside the Church of Sant’Ermete, some reliquaries and valuable candlesticks are preserved, testifying to the richness of the furnishings that decorated it before the numerous sacks suffered in different eras. Among the most important works we find inside the place of worship the painting of the "Madonna del latte", which comes from the fifteenth century Marche school and a wooden crucifix that dates back to the fourteenth century and belongs to the Rimini school.
At the time, the top of the hill was probably already fortified: a document of 998 that names it with the Latin phrase "Castellum Ligabitii" from the name of the feudal ligabitio, testifying to this.
The small group of houses that surround Piazza Valbruna is what remains of the ancient village of Gabicce Monte.

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Sat 03 Apr 2021

The International Cycling Tourism Week at Easter from 11 to 17 April is always a good opportunity to experience exciting adventures by bicycle.

Seven days - every morning a start for discovering trip of the most beautiful spots in the Marches region; seven wonderful tours planned for the participants: the distances are between 80 and 120 km, with breaks for refreshments, to taste many culinary treasures (piadina, DOP ham and salami, homemade cakes by the villagers and wine at will).

"A spurt between Marche and Romagna" with tasting of local specialties.
Mon 24 May 2021
To all dear friends of Fabio,
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that, by the desire of the sisters Laura and Daniela Filippello, the city of Gabicce Mare organizes the meeting "Fabio Filippello ... at MG, his land of conquest" in his honor every two years.
The 2021 program, from 24 to 30 May, will be full of events: parties, skill competitions and the traditional gala dinner, which will also be attended by the sisters Laura and Daniela. The evening will be an opportunity to remember the most salient and exciting moments of the past.
By December 2020 we will send you the information necessary for the booking.
The traffic police will be, as usual, at the head of the meeting, whose role is and has been fundamental in all these years, the photos depicting Fabio "escorted"

It will be an opportunity to remember the most beautiful years of the dear friend, spent by the sea, in the hills of the Marche-Romagna hinterland, accompanied by music, good wine and typical local gastronomic products.

An affectionate greeting from Laura & Daniela Filippello, Angelo Serra, Letizia Vincenzetti