With twenty years of experience behind it, located a few steps from Ravenna and Rimini along the Statale 16 Adriatica at the height of Savio, Mirabilandia is a sort of city in itself, entirely dedicated to entertainment and fun, so much so that it deserved over time even the recognition of a real locality in the municipal area of Ravenna.

Ferris wheel amusement park
Mastodontic and easily recognizable from kilometers away thanks to the grandeur of some of its attractions, such as the highest Ferris wheel in Europe, this "land of wonders" attracts every season a flow of visitors and tourists settled in recent years around the 2,000,000 people. Since 1992, the year of its inauguration, the Mirabilandia park has undergone two changes of ownership, for a total of three different management companies, passing from the initial all-Italian experience first in German then Spanish hands, to which it has headed since 2006 with the Parques Reunidos, European leader in the sector and owner of numerous parks also in extra-continental territory. Park of records since the dawn, when it boasted the mythical

"Sierra tonante", a gigantic roller coaster with a very rare wooden structure, Mirabilandia appears in the "Top 15" of the most beautiful amusement parks in the world and is characterized by the extraordinary environmental context, rich in green spaces and lakes, in which it develops, near the centuries-old Pineta di Classe and in front of the Standiana basin, which is usually frequented by famous rowers such as the Olympic champion Sefi Ditto.

Spread over an area of 850,000 square meters, Mirabilandia amazes young and old with the double value of a theme park (divided into seven areas) and water (the latter inaugurated in 2003), for six months a year, usually from the week Easter in late October, just in time to celebrate Halloween. For some time now the subject of special and convenient offers that combine hotel accommodation at the entrance to the park for several days at truly unbeatable prices (with partner hotels in Cattolica too!), Mirabilandia is truly a destination not to be missed during a holiday on the Riviera! The thematic, mechanical and aquatic attractions are more and more numerous and in constant implementation. At the time of the "thundering Sierra", dismantled in 2008, that of the "iSpeed", the "magnetic launch" roller coaster, took over.

Everyone will find something to have fun in Mirabilandia, which between the thematic and aquatic areas of Mirabilandia Beach ranges from the most peaceful and "harmless" fun attractions to those capable of stopping the breath in the throat of even the bravest. Among attractions for everyone, dedicated to children or "extreme", there is really something for everyone! In this regard, it goes without saying that in such a "land of wonders" there is certainly no lack of spaces and facilities dedicated to catering, from bars to piadina and crêpes kiosks, from pizzerias to real self-service restaurants, up to McDrive for those who prefer to eat directly at the entrance or exit from the park in the area adjacent to the large parking area. Take all the time you need to enjoy the thousand attractions of Mirabilandia without haste, and book now a holiday including a visit to the largest Italian amusement park in the hotels in Cattolica affiliated with Mirabilandia!

Take a look at the endless attractions of Mirabilandia, and then run to try them!

For the whole family:

Blu river: dive down the slides on two-seater rafts;
Duck breakfast: on horseback with colorful rotating ducks;
Carousel: hand-painted carousel of horses, a bit in retro style;
The crazy house: a colorful "animated" house that likes to scare its guests ...;
Flying Arturo: to let the little ones experience the feeling of flight together with the mascot Arturo the kangaroo;
Hare express: roller coaster in the magic garden for children from 3 years upwards;
Autosplash: travel "in Cadillac" on a singular "water highway", with a final "dive" from a height of 15 meters;
24 hours of Mirabilandia: a Le Mans-style race for two;
Family adventure: roller coaster for families on a miners' train;
Hot air balloons: to experience the thrill of flying on a carousel of small hot air balloons;
Rio bravo: descent of the rapids in an inflatable boat;
Monosaurus: peaceful journey "on rail" between various reproductions of dinosaurs;
Music: travel between bumps and bumps on a train launched at high speed;
Delirium: carousel with an "infernal" setting;
Explorer: little train running between rocky spurs, caves and caves;
Mirabilandia Express: monorail trip to discover the park;
Niagara: “dive” by boat from 27 meters high to over 70 km per hour; it is the highest attraction of its kind in Europe;
Pakal: an exciting journey on the carts of the mine of an ancient Mayan city;
Bewitched pots: to prove the danger of "ending up in the pot";
Raratonga: a successful "boat" trip to escape the wrath of a threatening volcano;
Reset: surreal reconstruction of a New York devastated by a mysterious cataclysm;
Max adventures Master Thai: on a double track roller coaster to discover the kingdom of the lion Max.
For the little ones:

Fantasyland: path with tunnels and various spaces for climbing, hiding and exploring;
Mini rapids: to take a small dip by jumping on the trunks;
Ottoland: to "swim" in the midst of many colored balls under the watchful eyes of mom and dad;
Santa Fe ’Express: traveling by carriage on the colorful train that runs through the avenues of Bimbopoli!
Extreme (for the bravest, minimum age 12 years):

Katun: over a kilometer of majestic "inverted" roller coasters that will make you speed at 110 km per hour with 360 degree turns and "jump" from 50 meters high;
Columbia: dizzying "launch" into the sky;
Discovery: after a slow ascent up to 60 meters in height ... you go down to earth;
iSpeed: considered the most "exciting" attraction in the park, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in just over 2 seconds and speeds you up to 120 km per hour on a route with breathtaking curves;
Phobia: as the name suggests, a journey of real fear between figures and scenes from a real horror film (additional ticket).
Attractions of Mirabilandia Beach:

Laguna del Sol: for sailing and sunbathing by floating on comfortable inflatable boats;
Rio diablo: to dive after a tortuous journey on large water slides starting from 10 meters high;
Vuelta vertigo: "acrobatic" descent by dinghy from a wide slide;
Tropical jump: for intrepid navigation on the "Caribbean lagoon" of Mirabilandia Beach;
Rio Angel: to dive into the lagoon from a tower full of surprises and then enjoy a pleasant whirlpool on arrival.
How to reach Mirabilandia:
Statale Adriatica SS16, km 162 Loc. Mirabilandia Ravenna - Tel. 0544 561111

2020 news
For the 2020 season, interest will always be focused on the new thematic area dedicated to the Ducati brand. The area dedicated to the motorcycle company will be a attraction for all motorcycle enthusiasts, with a variety of proposals capable of involving the public of all ages, both from Italy and abroad.

It will use the most modern technologies and will exclusively host a new generation roller coaster that will transform every visitor into a Ducati rider. There will also be simulators, virtual reality and attractions for the whole family, including children.

We also remember the expansion of the Mirabeach water park which took place last season. The extension of the water park has made it possible to add 6 new slides, a large 2-square-meter wave pool and new dining options, as well as new VIP and relaxation areas.

Admission prices
The cost of the entrance ticket for adults is € 35.90

The ticket for children under 140 cm tall costs € 29.90

The reduced ticket over 60 has a cost of € 29.90