Oltremare di Riccione is a theme park inaugurated in 2004, dedicated to the marine world and the wonders of nature. With an area of 100,000 square meters, the park offers interactive, educational and fun experiences with educational itineraries inspired by Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Energy.

The park is loved above all for its Dolphin Lagoon, the largest in Europe, where adults and children can get to know the habits and behavior of the dolphins up close in the company of an expert who will answer all their curiosities. In the Valley of birds of prey, however, you can admire eagles, owls, hawks and vultures and discover their qualities. While on the Oltremare farm, you can watch the Rainbow Flight of the parrots of the forest, including the red and green macaw, the blue and yellow macaw and the sun conures.

Riccione's amusement park dedicated to the world of nature, has many interactive programs suitable for children: they can sleep in the company of dolphins, become nugget seekers, browse in the rabbit hole and climb on ponies in the Baptism of the saddle. For the most reckless, there is the Delta Adventure Park, an adrenaline-filled path among the treetops on suspended lianas and Tibetan bridges.

Oltremare is suitable for the whole family. Each year it offers an exciting musical in the Oltremare Theater, which offers over 500 seats and a maxi screen of 600 m2. Inside the park, you can also find many dining, shopping and a picnic area in the Delta.