Monte San Bartolo Natural Park

An Undulating Series of Spurs and Depressions Degrading towards the Sea…

The first hill overlooking the sea coming from the north

Monte San Bartolo Park marks the beginning of the coastal hill system in the Center of Italy which immediately follows the famous tourist beaches of the North Adriatic Sea. It faces the Adriatic Sea with a spectacular cliff and it reaches its maximum altitudes on the hills of San Bartolo, Castellaro, and in the villages of Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara. It is an extremely important point for the bird migration and an ideal place for many species of birds which spend the winter here; it is also important from an archaeological and historical point of view, since although it has a limited extension, it is very rich in finds: from the Neolithic finds in the area of Mt. Castellaro to the archaeological site of Colombarone along the ancient Via Flaminia, from the lost ports of Greek origins of S. Marina and Vallugola to the charming system of Renaissance villas and gardens.

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Start your journey to discover the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park, starting from Gabicce Mare and going up the Via Panoramica, passing through the most evocative points, ending in Pesaro, the provincial capital,… you won’t regret it!


The ultimate romantic place, with its beach, the marina, the typical restaurants overlooking the sea and the legend (or the mystery) of VALBRUNA, Atlantis of the Adriatic, a small underwater town that lies just in front of the bay


In the northernmost area of the Adriatic coast, on the border with Emilia Romagna, we find an enchanting village located in the midst of the wonders of nature: the town of Gabicce Monte


Vallugola will amaze you with its unique and unspoiled nature, it is the ideal place to rediscover tranquility and the pleasure of good living. Behind Gabicce Monte, fascinating and evocative for its naturalistic beauty, Vallugola is characterized by a bay with a pebble and sand beach, a small tourist port ..


Immersed in the greenery of the San Bartolo Park, the Archaeological Area and the Antiquarium of Colombarone, a site rich in architectural traces and adjacent museum with the finds of the excavations, document centuries of history of the Middle Adriatic area


From here the view takes your breath away. On clear days, the blue of the sea is so immense that the gaze finds itself circling over the placid surface in a state of complete and total serenity


Returned to the “limelight” in tourist magazines for its suggestive pristine beach, hers is one of the four castles (together with Casteldimezzo, Gradara and Granarola), built between the 10th and 13th centuries, which constitute a defensive system, organized to control the pass of the siligata,


Santa Marina, once known as Villa di Cuspisano, is mentioned in some documents of the ‘600, which refer to the ancient castle on the sea and develop the hypothesis that it is a center of trade by sea with the Greeks, dating back to the 4th century BC


The Imperial Villa owes its name to an event that took place in 1452: in January the Emperor Frederick III stopped in Pesaro and Alessandro Sforza, client of the villa, invited him to see the site on which he intended to build his residence. The emperor laid the first stone: since then the villa has been known as the Imperial


A splendid example of a villa with an Italian garden, Caprile was built starting in 1640 by the Marquis Giovanni Mosca from Bergamo, descendant of a noble Lombard family who moved to the Marche in 1550,


The cemetery stands on the slopes of the San Bartolo hill. The cemetery use of the area (about 6,700 square meters) dates back to 1695, when the Jewish community of Pesaro acquired it after an exchange with the farm in Pantano that housed the previous cemetery,


The origins of the city date back to the Iron Age, when Pesaro was a Piceno village. Pesaro is the birthplace of the composer Gioachino Rossini, whose Rossini house-museum can be visited and to which a very popular conservatory and the theater of the same name are named,


#labandadelsanbartolo is a spontaneous group of walkers and trekking enthusiasts who organize walks in the most suggestive places in our area and in particular following the paths of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park. Every week the appointment in the town hall square in Gabicce Mare for a new adventure immersed in nature. Appointments and programs on the Facebook page

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