Montefeltro country and its fortresses

The tour passes through unspoilt countryside, part of which lies inside the regional natural park of “Sasso Simone e Simoncello”
The route runs through parts of Marche, Romagna and the republic of San Marino, with continuous climbs and descents with one particularly difficult uphill stretch (max. alt. 986 m)… not for the weak-hearted!


How to reach Macerata Feltria:
From the Coast: Autostrada A14, Pesaro Exit • follow road signs for Urbino (S.P. 423) • Ca Gallo • Mercatale
From Inland: S.S. 73 bis to Sant’Angelo in Vado • Piandimeleto • Mercatale

Start:      The start point is the Parish church of San Michele Arcangelo, in the old centre of Macerata Feltria (via G.Antimi).
Arriving from Mercatale, follow the signs to the town centre, cross “corso A. Battelli” and continue along “via Antimi”.
km. 0      With your back to the parish church [⬆️313], turn left and go straight-on for 100 m. At the stop sign, turn left towards Carpegna. At the next stop sign (50 m.), go straight-on along the S.p. 6. After approximately 2 km, the road begins to climb.
km. 5,4   Start of Mercato Vecchio [⬆️570]. At the next junction, follow the signs for San Leo.
km. 6,1   At the junction, follow the signs for Carpegna.
km. 7,1   Ponte Cappuccini. At the next junction, turn right towards San Leo. Follow the signs for San Leo for the next few kilometres as the road climbs.
km. 12,3 Villagrande di Montecopiolo [⬆️889]. At the next junction, turn left for San Leo.
km. 13,5 At the stop sign, turn left towards San Leo.
km. 14,4 Over the pass [⬆️986]. San Marino is on the right. Follow the road down towards San Leo.
km. 18    At the crossroads, turn right for San Leo, Rimini.
km. 21,3 San Leo [⬆️580]. At the junction, follow the signs for Rimini. Turn right at the next junction. Continue on towards Rimini.
km. 26,5 At the junction, turn right for San Marino. At the next junction turn right and cross over a bridge. After the bridge, the road starts to climb.
km. 28,9 Continue towards Monte Maggio, San Marino.
km. 32,5 At the junction, turn left towards San Marino. The road starts to descend. After 3.9 km., the road starts to climb again.
Continue in the direction of San Marino.
km. 39,4 Turn right at the roundabout towards Urbino. The climb ends here.
km. 41,4 At the junction, follow the signs for Urbino, Cattolica.
km. 42,5 Montelicciano [⬆️530]. Continue on towards Mercatino Conca. After 200 m., turn left at the junction towards Sassofeltrio.
200 m. further on, the road starts to descend.
km. 44,5 Continue on towards Cattolica, Sassofeltrio.
km. 45,6 Sassofeltrio [⬆️409]. Continue on towards Cattolica, Mercatino Conca. 200 m. further on, follow the signs for Pesaro, Cattolica.
km. 48,7 At the junction, turn left towards Mercatino Conca, at the bottom of the hill.
km. 51    Mercatino Conca [⬆️275]. At the junction, turn left towards Mercatino Conca.
km. 51,5 Continue towards S.Marino. At the stop sign, turn left for Macerata Feltria.
km. 52,6 At the junction, follow the signs for Macerata Feltria, Montecerignone. 3.6 km further on, follow the signs for Macerata Feltria.
km. 60    Abitato di Monte Cerignone [⬆️469]. At the junction, follow the signs for Macerata Feltria. 1.5 km further on,
follow the signs for Urbino. After approximately 2 km the road start going downhill [pass ⬆️623].
km. 67,7 Macerata Feltria. After 400 m., at the junction follow the signs for Pesaro, Urbino.
km. 68,2 The road arrives at the parish church of San Michele Arcangelo.

tourist information

San Leo ⬆️639 ➡️71
San Leo stands on an imposing and almost insuperable crag in the Marecchia river valley and can only be reached by a single road that has been cut into the rock. On the top of the rocky outcrop stands the “Rocca”, remodelled in the XV Century by Francesco di Giorgio Martini on the orders of Federico da Montefeltro. In addition to the castle, in which the famous alchemist Giuseppe Balsamo count of Cagliostro was imprisoned until his death, other places of interest include: the parish church and Romanesque cathedral, and Palazzo Mediceo which currently houses the Museum of Sacred Art. 
Information: Tourist Office, tel.0541 916306; Freephone 800553800.

Macerata Feltria ⬆️313 ➡️52
The ancient Pitinum Pisaurense stands in the hills separating the upper Foglia river valley and the Conca valley. The countryside around the town is a maze of valleys, rocky outcrops, farmland and woods. Among the historic and artistic treasures present in the town, the following are worthy of particular attention: Palazzo del Podestà, now the Civic Museum (with paleontologic, archaeological, medieval and renaissance exhibits), the fourteenth century Torre Civica and the parish church of San Cassiano. Of great significance is the wooden crucifix by Carlo da Camerino kept in the parish church of S. Michele Arcangelo. Today, Macerata Feltria is known throughout Italy for its modern health spa and sulphurous waters. 
Information: Tourist Office, tel. 0722 74244.

Monte Cerignone ⬆️469 ➡️48
Standing at the foot of Monte Faggiolo in the upper Conca valley, the town consists of a riverside hamlet overlooked by its castle. The castle was built in the XII Century and subsequently remodelled in part by Francesco di Giorgio Martini towards the end of the XV Century. Worthy of mention are the churches of Santa Caterina, Santa Maria del Soccorso and the Santuario di Santa Maria in Recluso, built on the ruins of an ancient pagan temple dedicated to Juno. Each year during the first weekend of July, the townspeople dress in ancient medieval costume to celebrate “Mons Cerignonis: Fowling, Hunting, Horse Riding, Games and Market”. 
Information: Tourist Office, tel. 0541 978552.

Montecopiolo ⬆️915 ➡️43
The mountain village of Montecopiolo lies in the regional natural park of “Parco del Sasso Simone e Simoncello” It is located at the foot of Monte Carpegna in an area of significant interest for naturalists. Worthy of note is the nearby hamlet of Villagrande (⬆️ 1000), a wellknown ski resort and delightful holiday destination. 
Tourist Information Office, tel. 0722 78130; 
Park Authority: Ente Parco Regionale del Sasso Simone e Simoncello, tel. 0722 770073.