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From 29 July 2021 to 29 July 2022
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Thu 21 Jan 2021
After so many months of restrictions, give yourself a short period immersed in the greenery of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park!

A spring weekend to immerse yourself in an oasis of green, yellow and blue!

GREEN - our hill starts from the middle of the beach of Gabicce Mare and the green extends to the beach of Pesaro, where you can breathe the brackish air of the Adriatic while it merges with the scent of the grass. A walk, among the paths where you can admire the breathtaking views that the whole Riviera envies us.

YELLOW - ours is the "Collina delle Ginestre" in the month of May the flowering begins which will give the hill a particular color between yellow and green and the scent of broom will surround the whole territory!

BLUE - is the predominant color of the sea that will merge on the horizon with the blue of the sky. Gabicce Mare will be able to give you a myriad of colors from sunrise over the sea to sunset on the Adriatic Riviera.

What are you waiting for? pack your hiking shoes and t-shirt and leave for the natural oasis of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park!

... and if you are a bike and mountain bike lover you will be in the right place to have a lot of fun!

Sat 11 Sep 2021
IMPORTANT NEW "Create your Rainbow Cycling Week"
from 1 April (..and this is no joke) all the routes of the Rainbow Cycle Tourism Week will be "darts" as scheduled and therefore you will be able to participate in the Contest independently at any time of the season, even outside the programmed Weeks or with your group of friends.
In digital mode, all you have to do is cycle on the route of the day, activating the registration on Strava.
At the end of your week, if you finish at least 5 of the 7 courses, you will be rewarded by our Team
What do you think about it? See you on the street?

In order to enjoy our territory on the bike, we have modified the historical event by accentuating the "Tourist" character. The departure will be in the French way, therefore free departure and you will follow the route of the day each at the pace that you deem best. You participate in total autonomy along the routes of the stage, at your preferred speed and pace. The roads are obviously open to traffic and the highway code is in force.

The black route will be the QUEEN STAGE of the event.

Instead of the time trial, there will be the spectacular KING OF THE MOUNTAIN Gabicce Mare - Gabicce Monte.

You will be able to participate  following the Gpx track, considering that you must return to Gabicce by 14:00.

“DIGITAL” Mode Strava Contest. You can register for the Contest through your Strava account:

The departure of each stage is autonomous "French style", follow the arrows or the Gpx track, considering that you must return to Gabicce and close the stage by 19:00

In the Start Zone you activate the recording of the track on your device
Follow the stage with your preferred times and pace
Once back in Gabicce, "close" the track in the Arrival Area
If you don't have a Strava account, you can still create a free one when signing up.
Mon 23 May 2022

Dear MG Friends,
in some countries the health emergency has not yet passed. Not all friends who love MG tours will be able to travel worry-free in September 2021.

In our projects there is the great desire to see you all together in Gabicce Mare, we must be very numerous because only in this way can we celebrate, relive and remember the legendary FABIO FiILIPPELLO!

In 2022 our countries will free themselves from this difficult moment that still affects the world. On the advice of some of you we have decided that it is appropriate to wait another year to organize the great MG event in Gabicce Mare, escorted as tradition by the Traffic Police.

Next month we will make the poster with the date - May 23-30, 2022.
We ask you for some nice pictures of MG with you on board!

We are waiting for your confirmation of presence in 2022 together with your photo that you wish to see published on the poster and brochure that we will print.

Thank you so much. See you soon.
Angelo & Letizia