A Romantic Itinerary

within the Itinerary of Beauty

Throughout the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, in the extraordinary and mysterious Marche Region – where beauty marries infinity – there exist places and towns which are said to be ROMANTIC on account of a clear observation.

How else should be defined a seaside town such as GABICCE MARE with its golden sand, the many distinctive restaurants for candlelit evenings, the strolls around its ateliers and shops, and the Mount St. Bartolo regional Park (the first promontory overlooking the Adriatic Sea) which features paths, inlets and breathtaking panoramas?

And aren’t the towns of GRADARA, FOSSOMBRONE and CAGLI definitely romantic (as well as rich in history), in which great love stories took place?

Also, isn’t it true that SASSOCORVARO (in the municipal district of Sassocorvaro Auditore), is the Town of love which houses the relics of St. Valentine, namely the Patron Saint of lovers?!

Romantic spots, events dedicated to lovers on Valentine’s Day, in a highly suggestive environment and in locations which are rich in history featuring an impressive artistic and architectural heritage.

The “Romantic Itinerary” is a path, a journey through one of the most beautiful and captivating territories in Italy, where to live or relive passions and romances. Just as it happened, right here, centuries ago.

Amerigo Varotti
General Manager von Confcommercio
Pesaro und Urbino / Marken Nord

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